FAQs on Registration Mail

Civitech is a public benefit corporation that assists organizations register voters. One way we do that is by mailing voter registration applications to people we have identified as being possibly unregistered. If you've been directed to this page, you've likely been included in a group of people that recently received one of these mailings.

What to do if information on the form you received is incorrect?

If you are not registered to vote and live in the state the form is addressed to be returned to, you can still use this form by crossing out the current information and handwriting your info. If the form you received is addressed to a different state, you should simply throw it away, and if you need to register to vote, we can help you complete the process. 
Click on the following links for our recommendations on the fastest way to check and get registered for the next election:

How does Civitech Source information about the people mailed? 

The individuals included in our mailings are sourced from public records that are available to organizations upon official request. This information included name and address in order to check registration status.

I received the mailing and I am already registered. Why did you send this to me? 

Our goal is to help as many eligible citizens get registered as possible. We do our best to match our data sources with the most recent public data file but there can be rare cases when these records don’t match. 

We always recommend that you check your voter registration status on your Secretary of State website or with your local elections official if you are concerned. Also remember that even if you have been registered in the past, if you move to a new address, you are required to update your voter registration to your current address in order to vote in your locale. 

Is Civitech associated with Local Elections Official or Government Offices? 

Civitech is a private public benefit corporation that is not part of the government or election offices. Our organization works closely with the Secretary of State, local government, and the United States Post Office to ensure that our work strictly complies with state and federal laws. We communicate with state officials to advocate on behalf of voter registration and civic engagement efforts that ensure that all citizens have a voice and are involved in our society and government. 

I have other questions that are not addressed here.

We are here to help with any questions you have regarding the voter registration form and Civitech’s services. Reach out to us at Support@Civitech.io or if you prefer to leave us a voicemail, you can call: 833-699-8900. Please include your name, phone number and summary of the questions you have so we can help you as quickly as possible. 

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